Wonjo Buanjib is a barbecue house started in Buan, Jeolla-do, the city of gastronomy.

Our fresh pork are placed at the aging room for 3-10days under -1 degree to achieve the most juicy & tender texture.

As for the charcoal, we are using high quality charcoal (Binchotan) from Laos.

Experience a comfy, chilled, spacious environment with an open concept of dining experience in Wonjo Buanjib today.
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Cuisine Korean
Outlet Type Full Service Restaurant
Seating 50 and above
Price Range RM 11 - RM 100
Contact Us 012-898 9631
Website Click here
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Grill it & Thrill it at Wonjo Buanjib! Experience this chilled, Korean barbeque as you grill, dine and drink your way to euphoria. Featuring only the purest charcoal in the world, Binchotan, also known as 'White Charcoal', is used to retain the natural flavour and essence of their meats. Yukjob Moksal (Collar), Sukseong Ssamgyeop (Pork Belly) & Hangjeongsal (Jowl) are the top selection BBQ meat in Wonjo Buanjib. On top of that, the hearty, spicy and savoury Kimchi Jjigae-Kimchi stew is a must have, paired with Haemul Pajeon pancake that is sure to leave you wanting more.