We are all about inspiring you to adopt a zero waste lifestyle in our mission to green the planet together. 1RECYCLING CENTRE (1RC) is 1 Utama’s one-stop recycling hub that combines tech, sustainability and rewards all in ONE by offering a convenient recycling solution for various waste categories. In return, we reward shoppers through our digital QR-based Green Points rewards system. Together let’s power a green revolution!

Recycle & Be Rewarded with Green Points: Track Your Carbon Savings in 1 Utama’s SuperApp!

    1. Bring recyclables to 1RC Service Counter
    2. Login to 1 Utama’s SuperApp and tap on ‘Green’ tab to scan QR code and earn Green Points (GP). Find out your Carbon Footprint savings by checking your transaction history
    3. Accumulate GP and opt to convert to
      • (i) ForestONE water to plant a tree: 1GP = 20 ForestONE water (no minimum GP to convert) OR
      • (ii) ONECARD UPoints: 1GP = 1 UPoint (minimum 1,000 GP worth RM10 required for conversion)
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Green Buddy

Take a sustainable step by recycling PET beverage plastic bottles and aluminum drink cans, contributing to the reduction of single-use wastage. Embrace eco-friendly practices for a greener and healthier environment.

Green Ninja

Electrical and electronic waste are hazardous when discarded improperly as many components are toxic and do not biodegrade easily. 1 Utama safely recycles E-waste at an ISO-certified E-waste facility.

Eco-Fabric Bank

Declutter and give a second life to preloved clothes, textiles, toys and bags at our Eco-Fabric Banks. Items collected will be channeled to charities, repurposed to wearable garments and reengineered into a fuel substitute for coal and gas in cement kiln production.

Paper & Carton

Turn over a new leaf and say hello to recycling Paper & Carton Boxes  at 1 Utama. Make a sustainable choice to preserve our planet’s natural resources because every tree counts!

Lanyard Recycling

Drop off your lanyards from events, conference and exhibitions that you’ve attended and we’ll upcycle them again.

Must-see Art-cycling Installation

View and pose for photos at the 1RC instagrammable art piece curated from a mixed media of plastic caps and bottles collected and upcycled by the mall. This unique art-cycling installation features 1 Utama’s Rainforest and Secret Garden green attractions and aims to raise awareness on plastic waste and the importance of recycling.

Green Parking Bays

Use green bays to drop-off recyclables with ease (B2 carpark, pillar 2).