As Malaysia’s leading sustainable shopping centre, ranked amongst the Top 10 World’s Largest Malls, 1 Utama has not only been creating happy spaces for our patrons but also championing environmental sustainability since 1995.

Building on our unwavering commitment towards net zero carbon, the initiatives under 1 Utama’s Greenprint aligns closely with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that our shopping centre continues creating a nurturing, thriving environment for the businesses and communities that we serve for future generations to come.

Environmental Stewardship

Guided by our core values, we consistently innovate solutions to safeguard the environment in all that we do. Our cutting-edge green building systems, green tech ecosystem, and 1RECYCLING CENTRE all play vital roles in reducing our carbon footprint.

Proudly A Certified Green Building

More than just a shopping centre, we recognize that our design impacts both within and outside building walls. 1 Utama is proud to be a best-in-class certified Green Building with several industry-first initiatives to our credit, emphasizing active systems to keep occupants healthy, while managing energy consumption to contribute to a low-carbon economy.

In pursuit of a sustainable future, we have outlined a performance metrics framework that reflects our deep rooted commitment in achieving 1 Utama’s sustainability goals. This involves establishing science-based targets divided into four key pillars of: Energy, Water, Waste and GHG emissions. Together with our stakeholders, we continue to work hard to make further progress in our corporate responsibility journey.

1 Utama embraces clean energy adoption with the largest on-site Solar PV and BIPV panels, covering 273,300 sqft, installed extensively across our mall rooftop and carparks. By harnessing the power of the sun, more than 5,700 kWp of renewable energy are generated to save electricity and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. An impressive 3,715 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions are offset annually.

Celebrating Biodiversity

Planning the construction of our shopping centre in the early beginning meant building a design that can co-exist in harmony with nature. Our celebration of biodiversity, and dedication to environmental preservation shows in our exceptional Green Attractions, which we have developed together with an expert team of botanists and landscape artists, in order to create sanctuaries where flora and fauna thrive.

1 Utama’s Green Attractions

Discover these green sanctuaries that offer a peaceful respite from the urban hustle and bustle, by exploring 1 Utama and reconnecting with nature.

Indoor Rainforest

A first-in-Malaysia tourism attraction, our award-winning Rainforest took years of in-depth research to build. Marvel and soak in nature’s wonders at this 4-storey enclave, featuring more than 100 forest trees, including rare species from Sabah and Sarawak, giant freshwater fish aquarium, koi fish ponds and an overhead Rainbow suspension bridge with aerial views of the green canopy below.

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The Secret Garden

South East Asia’s largest rooftop garden, this garden in the sky houses 500 species of carefully nurtured, rare and temperate plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables on a 30,000 sq ft green roof. Planted with biochar soil for carbon sequestration, the vast amount of carbon stored at The Secret Garden is sufficient to replace an entire rainforest of equivalent area. The garden also absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, providing fresher air to the surrounding areas and employs rainwater harvesting to keep greenery looking lush.

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Trees are our best defense for tackling climate change. Tucked away in a peaceful spot adjacent to the Rainforest is the Arboretum, a garden space dedicated to cultivating and preserving endangered Malaysian trees. With the ForestONE mobile app tree planting game, 1 Utama will match and plant a real tree in the Arboretum for every virtual tree grown in the game, supporting reforestation efforts.

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Bandar Utama Central Park 

Our famed 10-acre recreational park features wide open spaces, jogging tracks, reflexology path, cycling trails, a children’s playground and beautiful scenic lakes. Central Park demonstrates our dedication of promoting biodiversity by building spaces for eco-conscious urban communities.
(GF Highstreet, opposite Main Entrance)

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