This website/mobile device application (“the Website/Application”) is developed and maintained by BANDAR UTAMA CITY CENTRE SDN BHD (Company No. 322382-T) (“BUCC”)

BUCC respects the privacy of individuals with regards to Personal Data. This privacy policy is prepared and formulated in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”). For the purpose of this privacy policy, “Personal Data” shall have the meaning as ascribed to in PDPA.

Should there be any Personal Data collected or processed in connection with your use of the Website/Application, BUCC is committed to collecting and processing your personal data within the ambit of PDPA.

This Privacy Policy governs only the Personal Data collected by us on or in connection with the Website/Application and does not cover any other information collected in any other manner or collected by any third party, unless specifically stated.

Scope of PDPA

PDPA primarily aims to regulate the collection, holding, processing and use of Personal Data in commercial transactions and also to prevent malicious use of personal information. This Act plays a crucial role in safeguarding the interest of individuals and makes it illegal for anyone, be it corporate entities or individuals, to sell personal information or allow such use of the data by third parties.

PDPA only applies to the processing of personal data in respect of “commercial transactions”. A commercial transaction is widely defined as any transaction of a commercial nature, whether contractual or not which includes any matters relating to the supply or exchange of goods or services, agency, investments, financing, banking and insurance. There must be a commercial element in the processing of the personal data to attract the application of PDPA.

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

By your accessing, downloading and/or otherwise using the Website/Application, we do not and are unable to collect, process or use your Personal Data without your knowledge and consent.

We DO NOT and ARE UNABLE TO collect your unique device identifier assigned to your device (“UDID”), Internet protocol (IP) address, geolocation data, “cookies” (which are small data files containing information about you that is stored on your device), “embedded scripts”, “clickstream” data (e.g: your device type, operating system and platform, the average time spent using the Website/Application, content viewed, searched for, access times and other relevant statistics) and other similar tracking technologies by way of you downloading the Website/Application. The Website/Application is not interactive at the moment. As such, we do not and are unable to track your activities and your use of the Website/Application.

What is the Purpose of the Collection of Personal Data?

As stated above, by accessing the Website and/or downloading the Website/Application, we do not and are unable to collect, process or use any Information without your prior knowledge and consent.

Notwithstanding the above, in the event any Personal Data is required for one of the purposes stated below:

    • Providing any services or products that you request or purchase in connection with the Website/Application;
    • Contacting you regarding the administration of any features or functions of the Website/Application;
    • Allowing you to participate in the support and other features of the Website/Application;
    • Responding to your questions or other requests;
    • Tailoring your experience with the Website/Application and/or otherwise customising what you see when you use the Website/Application;
    • Marketing and promoting the Website/Application, including promotions and other initiatives and activities;
    • For the prevention and detection of fraud or infringement of our or any third party’s rights;
    • Tracking your use of the Website/Application;
    • To comply with legal obligations or legal process; and
    • For other purposes disclosed at the time you provide us with the Information or which are reasonably necessary to provide the product and/or service requested.
    • Accumulating and reporting aggregate, statistical information in connection with the Website/Application and user activity;
    • Determining which features, functionality and services of the Website/Application users like best to help us operate the Website/Application, enhance and improve the Website/Application and display advertising and marketing information;

in which case your prior knowledge and consent shall be required and we shall fully comply with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Do We Share and Disclose Your Personal Data?

As stated above, by accessing the Website or downloading the Application, we do not and are unable to collect, process or use any Information without your knowledge and consent.

In any event, we do not sell, rent, lease or otherwise disclose any Personal Data of our readers/subscribers to any third parties without your prior knowledge and consent, which consent obtained is revocable by you making a request to BUCC to cease sharing your Personal Data at the contact particulars provided.

What Happens If You Decide Not To Provide Personal Data?

Your prior knowledge and consent is compulsory under PDPA in order for us to collect and process your Personal Data.

By downloading the Application, we do not and are unable to collect, process or use any Information without your prior knowledge and consent.

What Steps Are Taken to Safeguard the Security and Safety of the Personal Data?

It is a requirement under PDPA to protect and safeguard any Personal Data collected and processed by taking practical steps to implement security measures thereto, i.e. to protect the Personal Data from any loss, misuse, modification, unauthorised or accidental access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

BUCC have assigned specific responsibilities to address privacy and security related manners and do enforce our internal policies and guidelines through an appropriate selection of activities, including proactive and reactive risk management, training and assessments. BUCC takes appropriate steps to address online security, risk of data loss and other such risks taking into consideration the risk represented by the processing and the nature of the data being protected. Further, BUCC takes steps to limit access to our data bases containing Personal Data to authorised persons having the justified need to access such information.

How Long Do We Retain Your Personal Data?

Any Personal Data collected shall not be kept for longer than is necessary. Whilst PDPA does not stipulate the time frame allowed for storage of your Personal Data, BUCC shall destroy and/or permanently delete any Personal Data collected once it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was processed.

Your Rights

PDPA accords five (5) rights to individuals to safeguard their Personal Data as listed below:

(1) The Right of Access Personal Data

Subject to the provisions of PDPA, you have the right to access your Personal Data and/or to correct your Personal Data with BUCC should you believe that the Personal Data provided is incorrect, outdated, inaccurate or incomplete.

(2) The Right to Correct Personal Data

You may request for the Personal Data provided to be deleted and/or corrected if the data is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or not up-to-date at the contact particulars provided below. The integrity of the Personal Data which is collected is a crucial element in PDPA.

(3) The Right to Withdraw Consent

If you have granted consent in respect of the processing of your Personal Data, the consent which you have granted may not necessarily endure forever, as you may by notice in writing withdraw the consent granted at any time.

(4) The Right to Prevent Processing for the Purposes of Direct Marketing

Your Personal Data should be processed in strict adherence to the consent which you have granted in respect of the processing of your Personal Data.

Should you receive marketing materials via short messaging service (SMS), e-mails, telephone and/or by post and you wish to discontinue such receipt of marketing information, you may provide an “opt out” notice to remove/delete your Personal Data.

(5) The Right to Prevent Processing which is likely to cause Damage or Distress

We reiterate that BUCC shall process your Personal Data only where you have granted your consent for the processing of your Personal Data for the purposes which was stated only.

Your Personal Data should subsequently be processed in strict adherence to the consent which you have granted in respect of the processing of your Personal Data.

You have the absolute right to prevent the processing of your Personal Data where your consent has not been obtained for such specific purposes and where such processing of your Personal Data will cause or is likely to cause substantial unwarranted damage or distress to you or another person.

Change/Amendments to this Privacy Policy

BUCC may from time to time change this Privacy Policy. If the changes made are material, BUCC will post a notice advising of such change at the beginning of this Privacy Policy and use reasonable means to communicate to you such change within twenty one (21) days from such change.

You may at any time hereafter make written enquiries about this Privacy Policy and/or to enforce any of the abovestated five (5) rights by contacting BUCC via post, telephone, fax or e-mail at:


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