Xiāng by Nicsmann

Speicially Made for Malaysian . We serve authentic Hunan cuisine which have the features of aromatic, spicy and sour tastes in a dishes. . . Must TRY
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Cuisine Chinese
Outlet Type Full Service Restaurant
Seating 30-50
Price Range RM 20 - RM 140
Contact Us 013-359 0443
Website Click here
Other Information Pork Free


Have you tried Muslim-friendly Hunan cuisine? Come dine at Xiāng by Nicsmann for authentic Xiang Cai (Hunan cuisine). They serve a wide variety of dishes that features intense and umami flavours to spice up your taste buds, making each bite highly addictive! We heartily recommend their signature dishes – Xiang’s aromatic Chong Qing Hot & Spicy Fried Chicken, Mala Baby Lobster and Hunan Style Lamb Skewer covered with a layer of chopped fried garlic and chili for you to receive the epitome of a flavour bomb explosion!