Wolf Gelato

Gelato is the common word in Italian for all kinds of ice cream. In English, it specifically refers to a frozen dessert of Italian origin. Artisanal gelato in Italy generally contains 6%–9% butterfat, which is lower than other styles of frozen ‎Gelato University · ‎Frozen custard · ‎Cosimo Ruggeri · ‎Bernardo Buontalenti
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Cuisine Western
Outlet Type Kiosk
Seating 0-10
Price Range RM 11 - RM 30
Contact Us 03-7731 8893
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Other Information No Pork Served


Wolf Gelato passionately crafts high quality gelato using only the finest of imported ingredients from Italy and across the globe. The result is flavourful gelato that is exquisitely refreshing and delicious but still very much a healthy dessert to indulge in. We highly recommend their signature Durian, an all-time local favourite which is creamy, rich and aromatic. Make sure to also try out their Pistachio gelato and be amazed by its nutty yet smooth and creamy texture. Life is certainly better with gelato.