Whisk, Outpost

A small cafe exudes a strong tasty aroma from the coffee beans and it's a pretty decent place to hang out with friends. They specialize in coffee & serve up a mean line up of home baked desserts. In addition to their Espresso based drinks, they also serve Single Origins on Pour Over, Aeropress and Cold Brew. Their coffees are supplied to us by our favorite roasteries and our offerings constantly change as new crops change with the seasons.
Shop Review
Cuisine Others: Speciality Coffee & Home Baked Cakes
Outlet Type Coffee Joint
Seating 31 - 50 pax
Price Range RM 11 - RM 30
Contact Us 03-7722 1020
Website Click here
Other Information Halal


Whisk, Outpost is s nice place to sit, chill and sip a cup of coffee with your friends or family. Coffee-holics would love it here as there"s much variation to coffee to choose from. The Cold Brew Coffee is highly recommended besides some home baked cakes like Bub"s Cake (banana pecan cake layered with peanut butter cream and covered with cream cheese frosting), Granny"s Cake (apple cake with butterscotch cream cheese frosting) and also the Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich.