WAY Modern Chinois

Way Modern Chinois is a modern cuisine restaurant specialising in contemporary pork free
Chinese cuisine. A labour of love in many ways, Way Modern Chinois is the brainchild of
avid foodies and Chinese food enthusiasts. In Mandarin, Way means “unique” or “one and
We’ve taken our favourites from all the regions; from the Szechuan Province
through alleys of Hong Kong. Each note purposeful, each ingredient hand chosen
and each dish served our WAY for you to enjoy your WAY.
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Cuisine Chinese
Outlet Type Full Service Restaurant
Seating 100 - 150
Price Range RM 0 - RM 0
Contact Us 03-3010 1888
Website Click here
Other Information Pork Free


Immerse yourself in a chic setting that harmoniously blends modern aesthetics with the richness of contemporary Chinese culture. Delight your taste buds with a symphony of flavours at Way Modern Chinois, a culinary gem in 1 Utama. From sampling innovative dishes like the tantalizing Truffle Roast Duck and Peking Duck, these are presented like a culinary masterpiece in a majestic box – absolutely a poetic feast for the senses! The Wagyu Porcupine Bun adds a whimsical touch, realistically resembling a mini-sized porcupine. We highly also recommend their Golden Rose Wonton, artfully served in a flowerpot style.