Delicious Cakes, Freshly baked bread, irresistable cream puffs and pastry. Just to name a few of the top sellers in this bakery
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Cuisine Fusion
Outlet Type Others
Price Range RM 5 - RM 20
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Other Information Halal


A popular bakery that needs no introduction, Sun Moulin’s freshly baked Japanese and European styled bread, buns and confectioneries have always attracted a loyal stream of customers. New seasonal items are consistently rolled out and we love how we’re always given a large choice to handpick from fresh creams cakes to croissants and finger snacks. It is impossible to walk out without buying yourself something! Highlights include Queen Bread that is sweet and buttery, eaten as it is, or with a spread or made into sandwiches, Belgian waffles, Bavarian bread and Dainagon loaf.