Street Churros started in Korea where we’re crazy about our street food. The crispy, sweet crunch of the churros with mouthwatering flavor of filled churros and soft serve ice-cream made only with fresh and high quality ingredients. Always hand crafted and made-to-order, they have taken a traditional Spanish churros recipe and given it an audacious flair all their own. Life is short, enjoy every bite.
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Cuisine Western
Outlet Type Kiosk
Seating 4-5
Price Range RM 10 - RM 20
Contact Us 03-7681 0710
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Foodies can now snack on churros anytime of the day. Let Street Churros spoil you with their mouth-watering sweet and crispy churros and soft serve ice cream. Handcrafted and made to order, Street Churros has taken the traditional Spanish churro recipe and given it a whole lot of flair. First timers should opt for their Stick Churros that comes in a variety of flavours like cinnamon, cheese chocolate or taro. Then choose your preferred dipping sauce to go with it. Elevate your churros experience with Iced Shakes, Summer Tea and Coffee beverages.