Shay Int

Shay Int is a Colombo based clothing store created by Shayani Alwis, who holds a 1st class in Fashion Design from the University of Northumbria U.K and has gone on to win the “Own brand” award at the Mercedes Benz fashion week held in Colombo, which was followed by
her participation in the Mercedes Benz fashion week in Kiev, Ukraine.

We started our journey in 2013, with a small collection of summer dresses, inspired by Bohemian styling.

The pieces were sold exclusively through our retail outlet located in the heart of Colombo, and the enthusiastic response led us to develop these initial themes into a broader collection that combines a strong sense of personality with a modern and eclectic attitude.

The whole production is done in-house from designing, cutting, stitching to quality control, and the final product will be shipped out to all retail stores. All fabrics used are designed and manufactured exclusively for Shay Int that came from South Korea, China and India.

Our clothing is crafted to be more than just a fast fashion brand, every piece is designed to last much more than just a season. Designed and tailored to stay relevant in every modern wardrobe.
Brand Concept
Drawing on the standards of international style with equal doses of pride and irony, the label is relaxed, feminine and fun, shot through with a touch of refined sensibility.

In Shay Int, every step of tailoring is done with a 90% female workforce where around 20% work from home. A major goal of Shay Int is to promote the livelihood of women and help them grow as entrepreneurs as the brand grows. As a part of our recycling initiative, we create stylish tote bags from the leftover fabric to promote zero waste within the production process.