Seaweed Club

Hot Wings serves grilled chicken wings with signature sauces, while Seaweed Club serves Seaweed Salad Roll which contains fresh carrots, sweet turnip and cucumber with mayonnaise sauce, chicken floos and crispy bits.
Shop Review
Cuisine Japanese
Outlet Type Kiosk
Seating 10-15
Price Range RM 10 - RM 50
Contact Us 012-656 6355
Website Click here
Other Information No Pork Served


Seafood Club & Hot Wings is a Malaysian fusion kiosk that has become a pit-stop for shoppers looking for quick convenient bites. Featuring ‘nori’ as their star ingredient, one can select from a wide variety of seaweed salad rolls that have become a staple choice for those looking after their diet. Rolls are freshly made to order with various fillings like carrots, sweet turnip, cucumber, and chicken floss accompanied by crispy crunchy bits. On the menu are also grilled chicken wings coated with very addictive flavoured hot sauces.