Enjoy Izakaya dining style - fun and relaxing dining experience at Robataya. They serve air-flown seafood and vegetables imported directly from Japan. Choose how you would like the chef to preapre your seafood in robatayaki, sashimi or tempura.
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Cuisine Japanese
Outlet Type Full Service Restaurant
Seating 50 pax & above
Price Range RM 31 - RM 50
Contact Us 03-7628 1394
Website Click here
Other Information Non-Halal


Robataya Izakaya specializes in charcoal grilled food on robata (fire-side cooking) using high grade binchōtan charcoal for Japanese authentic flavours. From the freshest seafood and vegetables flown in directly from Japan and Tokyo’s Fish Market, to the finest cuts of meat cooked over blazingly hot charcoal, food at Robataya is always a hit. Popular choices are their melt-in-your-mouth Buta Kyushu Yaki, Saba Ichiya Boshi which is a whole mackerel preserved in salt water for 24 hours before being cooked over the hot grill and their Iberico Spare Ribs Teriyaki/Nabe. Come dine like a local Japanese at Robataya with its relaxing izakaya vibes.