Porridge Time

Porridge Time serves a wide range of porridge such as Frog Porridge, Seafood Porridge, Pork Porridge, Chicken Porridge etc. with some side dishes. The porridges serve piping hot with a clay pot and generous amount of julienned Ginger and chopped Spring Onions.
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Cuisine Chinese
Outlet Type Café
Seating 11 - 30 pax
Price Range RM 11 - RM 30
Contact Us 012-676 8001
Website Click here
Other Information Non-Halal


There’s no better feeling than having a comforting bowl of steaming hot congee in your tummy. At Porridge Time, their wide selection of porridge is cooked and served in traditional clay pot to bring out the subtle alchemy of authenticity that is appreciated by aficionados. Relish in their Smoke Duck Porridge which has a distinct kick to it and Kungpo Farm Frogs Claypot, the latter served with super tender and spicy frog meat. Don’t forget to accessorize with essential spring onions and coriander garnishing.