Park's Bagels

Established in 2020, bringing in the New York-style bagels, our bagels are known for its 'crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside' goodness.

Best enjoyed with our various bagels selections, we also serve in-house specialty cream cheeses which create delicious, wholesome flavours that are unique only in Park's Bagels! "
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Cuisine Western
Outlet Type Café
Seating 11-30
Price Range RM 11 - RM 30
Contact Us 03-6414 5668
Website Click here
Other Information No Pork Served


Did you know fresh authentic bagels are an ideal meal to kick start your day? So if you are looking for an amazing bagel joint, check out Park’s Bagels in 1 Utama, bringing with them the taste of New York-style bagels that are baked to perfection with a crunchy exterior and pillow-like soft interior. Try their signature Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese, stay classy with Smoked Salmon Sandwich served with assorted veggies, and Garlic Cream Cheese Bun dipped in melted butter finished with cream cheese between every clove. You can also mix and match any of their bagels and fillings that will surely take you on a journey to the Big Apple. For a quick bagel on the run or a cozy place to chill, Park’s Bagels is certainly the cafe to go-to!