Menya Musashi

Menya Muashi @1U Previously located at Isetan Food Paradise for 10 Years have now relocated.

Name after the lengendary samurai,Miyamoto Musashi,who was famed for his disinctive "Double Sword Style."

Menya Musashi ramen comes in white,red,& black versions.Our broth is made by boiling a substantial amount of pork bones that give Oomph taste!
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Cuisine Japanese
Outlet Type Full Service Restaurant
Seating 30-50
Price Range RM 0 - RM 0
Contact Us 03-7733 3798
Website Click here
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Irasshaimase! Visit Menya Musashi at 1 Utama for legendary ramen which hails from Shinjuku Tokyo and choose from a variety of perfect bowls of ramen cooked with perfectly blended chicken, pork and fish broth. Try their classics like Musashi Ramen to best seller Ajitama Tsukemen, and select a variety of their flavoured oils like Shiro (Onion), Kuro (Special Mix of Fried Shallots and Garlic), AKA (Chili) and KI (Curry) along with a slice of melt-in-your-mouth slice of charsu as a topping. These flawless bowls of ramen will definitely bring out the taste of Japan.