Founded in 1996, MBT stands for Masai Barefoot Technology,was inspired by Kenya's Masai tribe,a group
that has lived for thousand of years with virtually no joint or back pain. Foncusing on developing physiological
footwear woth a purpose, MBT claims a 24-year track record of helping people stand, walk, run, work, and
play more efficently and effectively. MBT story is still told to this day through an experienced,
knowledgeable, and passionate distribution network. MBT is a certified class one medical device in Europe
and is proud to say that it remains the only major commercial footwear manufacturer with majority of its shoes
accredited by the American Pediatric Medical Association, an accreditation which evinces MBT's commitment
to encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
With a foudation built upon science and innovation, MBT recognizes the human benefits of health, wellness
and staying on the move. Beyond than the mere mechanical advantage conferred by the curved sole, MBT's
proprietary heel-strike sensor technology interwoven into each sole caters to heel-strike by absorbing
impacts and providing cushioning, smoothly transitioning heel strike into firm midfoot rolls which complete
the rock-foward movement and propel during toe-off. In fact, more than 70 independent studies conducted
worldwide have identified the benefits of MBT's curved-sole footwear, which include improved posture and
balance, increased muscle activation, reduced lower back pain, and enhance recovery.
"We have changed lives through movement and want to change even more," Andy Chaw, CEO of MBT says.
" Our shoes are made for journeys and those looking to get the most out of every step day they take."