Little Nyonya

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Cuisine Malaysian/Western
Outlet Type Full Service Restaurant
Seating 50 and above
Price Range RM 11 - RM 30
Contact Us 03-7613 2140
Website Click here
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Be ready to discover the delicious hybrid cuisine of Malaysia's Baba-Nyonya blending together harmoniously to form one of Southeast Asia's finest Peranakan food at Little Nyonya 1 Utama. Have it your way with scrumptious delicacies like Rendang Chicken, Pongteh Chicken, Otak-Otak and more to indulge in. They also serve Asian Western dishes like Kyushu Black Japanese Ramen, Cheese Baked Rice, Chicken Chop and more to cater to all tastebuds. Perfect for families and friends to have a heart-warming meal together as there will be something right for everyone!