Jodonia Coffee & Bakery

"Our French-style café opened in October 2022 to offer a welcoming environment where customers can feel like they’re in France while enjoying high-quality coffee and baked goods. Our diverse menu includes fresh pastries, desserts, salads, spaghetti and soup, made with 100% natural, pork-free ingredients, sourced from our own central kitchen"

Bringing together classical music and culinary magic in beautiful harmony, Jodonia Coffee & Bakery promises a taste of France in Puchong & 1U Shopping Centre infused with a sense of European-style romance.

Jodonia seeks to instantly immerse customers in a luminous, luxurious experience, where freshly baked treats and fragrantly brewed beverages can be leisurely relished.
Shop Review
Cuisine Western
Outlet Type Café
Seating 11-30
Price Range RM 0 - RM 0
Contact Us 012-688 8615
Website Click here
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Looking for a European-styled café to unwind? Take a trip to Jodonia Coffee & Bakery that features a Parisian ambience where customers can immerse themselves in a classy dining setting. Bringing together classical music and culinary magic, Jodonia promises a taste of France with freshly baked treats and hot meals accompanied by fragrantly brewed beverages permeating the air. Browse through their best-selling French pastries and irresistible dessert menu and indulge in the rich, creamy Truffle Hazelnut Cake, or light and zesty Citrus Fruit Cake. And for the pièce de résistance, the Japanese-inspired Genmai Cha Cake is sure to delight any dessert lover.