Gindaco is the No 1 Takoyaki brand in Japan, serving premium takoyaki balls filled with high quality, imported octopus.
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Cuisine Japanese
Outlet Type Kiosk
Seating 0 - 10 pax
Price Range RM 11 - RM 30
Contact Us 03-7728 7775
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Other Information Halal


Fresh piping hot Takoyaki’s straight off the grill. What more can we ask for? Gindaco, Japan’s No.1 Premium Takoyaki, delivers this beloved Japanese street snack to perfection. These super-sized Takoyaki’s are cooked to achieve a crispy outer skin and soft succulent inner-fillings. Each savoury ball contains 8g of fresh deep sea octopus drizzled with Gindaco’s signature sauce and topped with seaweed and dancing bonito flakes. We highly recommend the Red Mayo Takoyaki with house specialty spicy mayo sauce and cabbage slices. Oishi!