Bread Story

BreadStory make history on its most celebrated creations none other than the popular flossy buns carrying the names Flossy Signature, Flossy Hottie, Flossy Sponge, Flossy Twist, Lava Croissant, Magic Cheese Wand to Red Chamber and many more. One is never enough here!
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Cuisine Asian
Outlet Type Others
Seating 0-10
Price Range RM 1 - RM 10
Contact Us 03-7727 7155
Website Click here
Other Information No Pork Served


BreadStory sells more than just buns and breads to the masses. This is a boutique bakery filled with the alluring aroma of mouth-watering selections of gourmet bread, delicate pastries and sublime sweet treats made from only the finest ingredients for its customers. BreadStory has also made history with their variety of famous soft flossy buns: Flossy Signature, Flossy Hottie and Flossy Sponge, that will surprise you from the very first taste of a generous spread of chicken floss down to a secret cream in the middle. It’s love at first bite!