Start DateEnd DateEvents InfoLeafletLocation / Zone
Electrical and electronic waste are hazardous when discarded improperly. Recycle your E-waste at 1 U...
Ground Floor

15 Sep 201731 Jan 2018 LOVE ME, LOVE ME DO - 1 Utama's Mobile App
Everyone tells you not to be sticky in a relationship. We're different. We want you to be as close t...

04 Nov 201704 Dec 2017 "L" ArtShow 2017 (4th Edition)
"L" ArtShow 2017 (4th Edition) displays a collection of artworks by a group of artists who are strun...
3rd Floor The Ledge Art Gallery

28 Nov 201726 Dec 2017 A Joyous Christmas
Serenade Christmas with melodius chords and swing through the shimmering clouds with li'l snowmen sp...

Every 1st Weekend of the Month (Sat & Sun)at the Secret Garden | Dates: Sept 2-3, Oct 7-8, Nov 4-5, ...
Upper Roof

04 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 The Makers Fellowship
The Makers Fellowship is an organisation that aims to help bridge the gap between consumer and maker...
First Floor

06 Dec 201711 Dec 2017 Laura Ashely Bargain Corner Promotion
Up to 80% discount and additional offer for ONECARD members on selected items.
Grd Floor Bargain Corner

Start DateEnd DateEvents InfoLeafletLocation / Zone
21 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 Inner beauty Fair by Parkson
Visit us for the best intimate wear for ladies. Buy now to enjoy the best products with the best pri...
1st Floor (near Parkson)

21 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 Louis Erard Roadshow by Watatime
Boasting a decidedly bold design, the Louis Erard’s collection brings together the classical eleganc...

22 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 Year End Travel Fair by Parkson
Grab your new luggage bag with special discounts, brands include Rofina, Cosas United and Rocanto.
Grd Floor (near Parkson)

27 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 Laneige Roadshow by Parkson
LANEIGE’s definition of beauty has evolved once again to allow you to flaunt your beauty with even g...
Grd Floor (near Charles & Keith)

28 Nov 201731 Dec 2017 MPH Book Fair
Your one-stop destination for all of your selection of books and stationery.
2nd Floor (near Parkson)

28 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 Hada Labo by Guardian
Refresh, revitalize, and rehydrate with the HADA LABO approach to softer, smoother skin. Let’s check...
Grd Floor (near Isetan)

28 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 U Mobile Roadshow
Sign up for the prepaid, postpaid or broadband data deals that suits your need.
1st Floor (opposite Swarovski)

28 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 Trudy Teddy Roadshow
Offering a variety of clothing and dresses for baby and kids with special discounts.
2nd Floor (near Isetan)

28 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 OBag Roadshow
Create your own bespoke O bag Italian handbag with a wide range of accessories; inner zip-up bags fo...

28 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 SUNPLAY Roadshow by Guardian
Sunplay Sport SPF120PA++++ sunscreen, specially designed for OUTDOOR SPORT activities. Keep your ski...
Grd Floor (near Isetan)

29 Nov 201703 Dec 2017 Nutrigrain by Watsons
With NH Nutri Grains, you and your family can get a flying start to your day! Visit our booth for mo...
1st Floor (near Russell Salon)

01 Dec 201711 Dec 2017 Christmas roadshow by Parkson
Spread the season of gifting to everyone and enjoy the Christmas sales on Apparels & Footwear by Dis...
LG Floor (near Diamond & Gold)

03 Dec 201703 Dec 2017 GSC Popcorn Walk Event
Join GSC Popcorn walk event to fun up your sunday and check out the redemption and lucky draw.
Ground Floor

04 Dec 201710 Dec 2017 Oris roadshow by Watatime
Over 100 years Oris has been making watches in Switzerland. Oris watches are purely mechanical and m...
Grd Floor (near Fossil)

05 Dec 201710 Dec 2017 Blackmores roadshow by Caring
To promote and sell Blackmores supplement

05 Dec 201710 Dec 2017 Leather Avenue roadshow
Travel in style with our wide selection of luggage and leather bags with special promotion offered....
Grd Floor (near Isetan)

05 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Young Hearts roadshow
Check out the promotion offered for young ladies’ inner wear.
First Floor

05 Dec 201702 Jan 2018 Back To School Promotion by Isetan
Time to get your beloved children prepare for the new semester. Isetan is now offering back to schoo...
2nd Floor (near Isetan)

05 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Home Fair by Tangs
Let’s check out the wide range of premium home linen. Participating Brands such as Jean Perry, Louis...
1st Floor (near Isetan)

05 Dec 201710 Dec 2017 Ergoland roadshow
Find a Spinal Support Backpacks, furniture,Study Desk & Chair and DUOREST ergonomic chair for your k...
Second Floor

06 Dec 201710 Dec 2017 Find The One For Every You by Parkson roadshow
Offers fascinating Triumph lingerie products for women of all ages. Get the latest promotions and ex...
Ground Floor

06 Dec 201710 Dec 2017 Subaru roadshow
Check out our limited time promotional offers on Subaru cars, accessories and maintenance packages.
Ground Floor

06 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Ogawa roadshow
Dropby and try out the massagers personally. Get to know the offers available this season.
First Floor

06 Dec 201710 Dec 2017 Fun Escapade roadshow
Enjoy performances, games, freebies and meet the characters of your favourite shows such as Didi & F...
Ground Floor

11 Dec 201731 Dec 2017 Impressionism Inspired
A solo exhibition by Dennis Liew Dennis is inspired by Pointillism, a post-impressionist style tha...
Third Floor

11 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Birkenstocks roadshow
The world famous brand of comfortable shoes & sandals for health. Get yourself and your loved ones a...
Ground Floor

11 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Maurice Lacroix roadshow by Watcshoppe
Discover a collections of Maurice Lacroix watches in this roadshow – Aikon, Eliros, Les Classiques ,...
Ground Floor

12 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Getha roadshow
Find out more comfort mattress on the deals offered by Getha- the multiple award winning Malaysian B...
Ground Floor

12 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Glo Roadshow
To promote Glo laser service with trial package RM188 ( 2 times)
2nd Floor (opposite Waffle World)

13 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Citibank Roadshow
Applying for a Citibank credit card that will rewards you with cash back or points earning for you t...
2nd Floor (opposite Waffle World)

13 Dec 201726 Dec 2017 Christmas roadshow by Parkson
Find the perfect gift for everyone this Christmas and enjoy special deals offered from decorative it...
Lower Ground Floor

13 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Honda roadshow
Find out all about the details, specifications and promotion available for Honda cars.
Ground Floor

13 Dec 201717 Dec 2017 Automobile Show
Giving you a unique personality by choosing from wide range of meticulously choice of brands.
Grd Floor (near Charles & Keith)

13 Dec 201725 Dec 2017 Christmas roadshow by Hamleys
Join us and have fun with Tomica & Plarail and Panasonic, Disney Star Wars, Barbie and Hot Wheels by...
Ground Floor

18 Dec 201725 Dec 2017 SKII roadshow by Isetan
Experience the best in anti-aging skin care with SK-II's luxury skin care products & regimens that t...
Ground Floor

18 Dec 201731 Dec 2017 Goldheart roadshow
The heart sees what is invisible to the others... Love sees what is most true. Be mesmerized with th...
Ground Floor

18 Dec 201725 Dec 2017 Shiseido roadshow by Isetan
Inspired by the allure of blending tradition and modernity, Shiseido projects the essence of modern ...
Ground Floor

18 Dec 201725 Dec 2017 Ball Roadshow by Watatime
Come visit and find some lovely fine watches collections Official Railroad Watch, Engineer II, Engin...
Grd Floor (near Fossil)

19 Dec 201731 Dec 2017 Wacoal roadshow by Isetan
Discover a wide range of Wacoal inner wear with the perfect fit and choice of exclusive materials in...
First Floor

19 Dec 201724 Dec 2017 Celmonze roadshow
Drop by and check out more information about Celmonze The Signature Facial and Signature Facelift Ma...
Second Floor

19 Dec 201725 Dec 2017 Home Audio and Visual Roadshow by Best Denki
Come and discover more for your home audio and visual appliances from Panasonic and Philips and wit...
Ground Floor

20 Dec 201702 Jan 2018 MOG roadshow
Looking for a pair of nice branded eyewear? MOG assures you that our wide variety of eyewear collect...
First Floor

20 Dec 201724 Dec 2017 Standard Chartered roadshow
Apply for Standard Chartered Credit Card and be rewarded with rebates or gift that suits you best
First Floor

20 Dec 201701 Jan 2018 Bratpack roadshow
Check out backpacks and accessories promotion with brands from Jansport, Parkland, Poler and more.
First Floor

25 Dec 201701 Jan 2018 Jonsson Protein roadshow
Find out more details about hair treatment and services such as VE Protein Healthy Hair Growth treat...
First Floor

26 Dec 201702 Jan 2018 Birkenstocks roadshow
Get yourself and your loved ones a pair of Birkenstock sandal now with special offers available.
Second Floor

26 Dec 201731 Dec 2017 Bausch and Lomb roadshow
Most respected healthcare brands in the world, offering the widest and finest range of eye health pr...
Ground Floor

26 Dec 201701 Jan 2018 SK II roadshow by Parkson
Change your skin destiny. Get to know the special offers during the SK-II roadshow.
Ground Floor

26 Dec 201702 Jan 2018 Diamond & Platinum Roadshow
Like a star, Estrella Diamond and Forevemark Diamond are the ultimate romantic companion for you and...
Grd Floor (near Isetan)

27 Dec 201707 Jan 2018 Household roadshow by Parkson
Enjoy the Parkson promotions offered for kitchenware and cookware.
Lower Ground Floor

28 Dec 201707 Jan 2018 Shojikiya Promotion
Find wide variety of imported Japanese food products from ready -to -eat confectionary to simple-to-...
LG Floor (near Reebok)

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